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You have found the personal home page of Geoffrey Verge. Indeed, welcome.

If you are a Christian, I hope you will find this page and it's links a blessing, or at least of some interest to you.
If you are not a born again believer, then I hope that some of it's content may spark an interest in you for matters not necessarily pertaining to this earth, or to what may lie within us. But rather, for what defines true hope, life, love, happiness and significance in our universe.

The Lord has been so faithful in my life and I love Him for it. As well, I love my faithful and forgiving wife, Carol, my boys Christian and Jonathan, who never stop acting, and my most loving daughter Katharine, who never ceases to make my days so pleasant.

I like to think that I am one of those "simple" folk. But alas, in reality that is not the case. Within the general confines of scripture, I am a bit of a philosopher, though perhaps more conservative as a Christian.
For the last 30 years I have, at various times, been either carried by or walking with my Lord Jesus. Unfortunately, I have not always appreciated or recognized that fact, but it has been increasingly more evident to me over the last 15 years.

As you can tell from the background on this page, I have a passion for flying and airplanes, something I inherited from my Dad. Carol still gets perturbed when she sees a tear in the corner of my eye as a radial prop plane drones over head.
My Flight Of The Saints home page is an attempt to bring together my passion for both God and Flight.
It contains an analogy between the spiritual forces acting on a Christian to the physical forces that act on an aircraft in flight!

Music is also a passion. Although I appreciate and enjoy many styles of music, I tend to be conservative in this area as well.
Hopefully in time you will see a link here to a page discussing an objective method of measuring what defines truly relevant music in today's society.

Something I call "Biblical Paradox and Balances" has always intrigued me. There are many of these in scripture, and an understanding of them, with the Holy Spirit's help, may give us a greater understanding of God's Word.
I will add a link here in the future to a site that will be devoted to this vast study.

Very much like my life, this home page is a "work-in-progress", and I will hopefully be able to keep it up-to-date accordingly.

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