Happy Valentines Day

We all know that this day represents love, and it is nice to give your spouse or loved ones candy and flowers, and let them know how much you love them.
But I would also like to focus on the greatest love in all the world
during this time of love; Jesus.

During His time on earth, Jesus did much to show His love and compassion to those around Him. He is the ultimate example of love. I would like to focus on His love during His ministry on earth. In the next page, I would like to show you Christ's love for mankind. Perhaps your Valentines Day will change as you focus on His love this Valentines Day. Maybe you can even shower your loved one with joy that comes from knowing His love. So click here to find the best Valentines gift ever, and a new way of love.

I'd like to gratefully acknowledge Creative Women's Ministry
for the graphics on this page. Blessings!