Third Page of Christmas Sets.

If you do use my graphics, would you consider e-mailing me
so I can see what you have done?
Also, even if you do not want to link back,
please! DO NOT claim them as your own, as I have worked hard on these.
Also, if you would like to provide a link back to my site,
that would be nice but it is *not* necessary.
Please use the graphic provided with the sets,
or use the card below with the url. Thank-you.

Please do not use this bear set as it was made from a brush
and made especially for these pages.

Updated November 18th, 2011

* denotes a new graphic

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Candy Canes Village Pink Poinsettias Mary with Shepherds Glory To God
Born is the King Simeon's Joy Luke 2:14 Victorian Decoration Christmas in the Air
Happy Birthday Jesus Santa and Reindeer Holly and Bells Chickadee Christmas Blue and Silver
Gloria Bells Candles and Poinsettias The Toy Box Peace Cardinal Christmas Candles
Teddy Bear Christmas Santa's Coming The Light Christmas Apron Old Nativity
Ornaments Wisemen Come Watercolour Nativity Cardinals Snowy Christmas Night
Miratta Painting Santa Toys Isaiah 7 Matthew 21 Bells in Plaid
Blue Candle Heaven Came To Earth * Bloch Nativity *Toy Train *

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