Our Christmas

What makes our Christmas so worthwhile?
Is it the laughter, is it the snow,
Is it our gifts that shine and glow,
Or is it the vicar singing down the aisle?

Could it be the turkey, the pudding, the wine?
Or simply Baby Jesus so frail and divine,
Who fills our hearts, our soul, our prayer
And makes us all think who we are, where we were.

Or is it just you, or is it just me,
Gathering around the family and tree,
Wishing all health, love, and happiness,
So that all may rest well until our next Christmas.

Prince Albert of Monaco


Of course the world cannot stand still,
Nor birds pause in their flight,
But oh, if we could hold at will
This magic of delight!

For Christmastide, since time began,
Has filled all hearts on earth
With friendship for each fellowman...
The essence of Christ's birth.

Isabel Sanderson

What Is Christmas?

And so we come again to Christmas with all its color and joy,
its magic and wonder, its spirit of goodwill and warmth.
But how do we come to Christmas?
What it means to us depends on what we bring to it,
not in gifts and outer display, but in the inner offerings
of love and faith that abide in the heart.

Esther Baldwin York

God Bless

Bless, O God, the little things,
This Christmastide...
All the little wild things
That live outside.

Little cold robins and
Rabbits in the snow...
Give them good faring,
A warm place to go.

Bless the little things who in
The forest abide...
He, too, was just a little one
at Christmastide.

Author Unknown


Carol's Christmas Gift