Victorian Christmas Balls

you need:
1 6" ball of Styrofoam
2 8" gift cake doilies
red velvet ribbon
a few red, green,& white sequins
small straight pins(one for each sequin)
craft glue
waxed paper
Make a 1" cut into every 2" around doily so it will conform to
the shape of the styrofoam ball when you paste it down.
Brush top half of ball with glue.
Place center of the doily over top of ball, using a damp sponge to press down
so the doily goes on nice and smooth.
Repeat on bottom half of the ball.
When doilies are secure, roll ball on waxed paper, applying pressure
so the doily presses into ball and looks like metal filigree.
Decorate with some sequins, holding each one in place with a small straight pin.
Glue velvet ribbon around the middle of the ball where the doilies join..
Add velvet bow to top, adding extra ribbon if you want to hang the ball.
Balls also make pretty tree ornaments.


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