Rock-a-bye Walnut

you need:
embroidery floss or string
half a walnut shell
cotton ball
fabric scraps
fine point markers
small wooden bead
To begin, your child should cut an 8" length of embroidery
floss or string and tie the two ends together to make a loop.
After squeezing a small amount of glue into the bottom
of the walnut shell, he can press half of the loop into
the glue so that the other half forms a hanger for the cradle.
Let it thoroughly dry, then glue the cotton ball into the
shell to make a downy mattress. Next, he should cut out
half an oval of fabric to make a walnut-size blanket and
glue it in place over the cotton ball. Your cild can then
make the baby's head by drawing a nose, eyes, hair, and
a sweet smile on the wooden bead with the fine point markers.
The last step is to put a small amount of glue on the back
of the baby's head and set it into the cradle, just under the blanket.

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