In Canada, we have always had our own unique way of celebrating this glorious season. I would like to invite you to step back into the history of Christmas in Canada. Not that our history is greater or worse than any other country, but it is our own, and that is what makes it unique. This is in no way an exhaustive view, but I enjoyed digging up our Canadian past in feasts, festivals and frivolity. I have chosen not to take into account the religion of the writers I have found, as Catholicism seemed very great in early Canadian history, and I wish not to get involved with all the ramifications of this. Therefore, with no apology, I will write what I have seen in the accounts from books I have gathered from the library.
Also, I have NO idea (yet) when or where the first Canadian Christmas was held, so until I get that information, you will have to settle with what years I have found so far. *smile*

So get yourself a cup of warm cider, relax, and drift off into the past.