Family Activities

What is Needed:
Paper, pencils, and/or crayons for each family member.
Read Luke 2:1-7.
Discuss all the things that might have been going on in and around Bethlehem because of the census and the crowded conditions.
Imagine that you are a reporter for "The Bethlehem Herald" during the census. On your piece of paper draw or illustrate the headlines you would choose for the day after Christ was born. When everyone is finished, share these with each other.

Read Together During the Holidays

The Bible, Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 2:1-23
The Littlest Angel, Charles Tazewell
"A Christmas Carol", Charles Dickens
"The Gift of the Magi",O. Henry
"The Fir Tree", Hans Christian Andersen
How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Dr. Suess

Some Easy Things To Do

1. Take a nature hike to collect greenery and pine cones.
2.Dance or exercise to "The Nutcracker Suite" (Let small children act it out)
3. Do a slow easy jog or stroll through the neighbourhood to view decorations and lights.
4. Go ice skating wherever and whenever possible.
5. Rehearse and perform an improvised nativity play. Let children use their imaginations with this.
6. Build a snowman or snow fort.
7. Have an old toy and clothing round-up for the joint purpose of cleaning the house, and finding "gently worn" outgrown things to give away to those less fortunate.

Things to Keep Little Bodies Busy During Christmas Holiday
Maybe Dad can help and give mom a much needed break...*hint, hint* :)
Dec 19: String popcorn and cranberries for bird's tree
Dec 20: Make gingerbread people
Dec 21: Send kids to movie with Dad or a sitter
Dec 23: Make Christmas placemats
Dec 24: Any of the crafts on my Christmas Craft page!

Watch Handel's Messiah!!
This is truly a classic with great music, and tells the truth during this season. It is just beautiful.

But whatever you do, do it together. You are making memories with your kids. This is what they will remember when they get older....not the gifts they got.

Carol's Christmas Gift