As parent's, it is sometimes hard to find the resources we need or want to answer the many questions we have about our child's sickness, the treatments, the procedures, the medications, etc. It can be a scary time, as well as a confusing time. With this small section, I hope to have some resource guides for you,
some of my own resources, and anything else I can think of.

First off, the best source is your doctor and nurses, but they can be overly busy at times, so your next best source is the Parent Handbook they gave you. This book should explain most of the technical stuff for starters. But most of this is technical help. We also need the emotional help, and medical stuff printed in plain english for us. The local library is pretty good choice if you go into the children's section and look for stuff on cancer, etc. These explain it to kids, and we glean alot from it also. Another good resource of course, is your Candlelighters Chapter.They offer support services, meetings for encouragement, etc.. These guys are great!

Another great resource for parent's, is other parents. Get to know the people in your ward or cluster. You will be amazed at the friends you will find, and the support they can offer. Surprisingly enough, you may find yourself at the giving end instead of the receiving end. And trust me, it feels wonderful to think of someone else for a change. :) And what better way to witness without saying much at all. The Lord knows who, and what we can handle, and it is such a glorious feeling to have someone say, "I don't know where you get your strength"

Here are some resources given to me from other parents around the world.
If you wish to add to these, please feel free to email me by clicking on the graphic below.

F.C.C. Families of Children with Cancer is on the net (based out of Toronto Sick Kid's Hospital).
which is a support group for parents of children with leukemia (a.l.l.) is wonderful.
It is an email posting service.


Leukemia Society of America

American Cancer Society

There are some wonderful books out there,
but I have only bought one so far that has had any impact on me.
The book is called, When A Hug Won't Fix The Hurt by Karen Dockrey.
It is a Christian book. This lady has alot of great ideas for helping kids cope with crisis.
Her own daughter had leukemia.

Another resource is Chicken Soup For the Christian Soul,
or Chicken Soup for The Kid's Soul.

These books are humorous at times, thoughtful at other times, and just plain lift-you-up type books.
I will add more resources as I come across them.

I hope these resources help you.

I gratefully acknowledge the Graphic Garden as the one who supplied
these wonderful graphics. Special blessings upon you!
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